lundi 9 janvier 2017

Cozy Tartan Blanket.

This year, I decided to knit Smart!

I want to knit more skeins with luxury wool, but I have to Destash in my studio!!!

The best way to use my yarn is to knit it!
(Don't need to be smart for it!!)

And I have so much Red heart Super saver yarn in my studio, and it takes so much place....
A friend of mine goes in FLorida each year, and each year she bought me red heart super saver balls (because it is less expensive there! and she doesn't know about wool so!!)
But it is not a super kind of wool to knit a cardigan right???
But it is the perfect wool to make projects for home or kids!

My son asked for a blanket knitted by me...and because we change is room decor, I am knitting a new blanket assorted to his room.
AS you can guess, his room is in Tartan style, with white and grey on the walls and Tartan curtains....
Love that scottish style!

So I knit with grey, red, black and a dark grey to be like the curtains.

I LOVE....LOVE....LOVE the pattern.
It is a pattern from the Cozy Memory Blanket from Georgie Nicolson HERE

It's a free pattern and super easy to understand, super easy to knit with a super effect!
A square ...A day 
and you are not bored with this pattern.

It takes circular needles (I use 4.5 mm / 30 cm for this wool) a stitch marker, and wool as much as you want...
The best thing with this blanket is that you knit the size you want, the squares you want the colour you want.....

I think I love it!

So this one is in progress but it grows so fast!

And my Son is happy with it ;)

Have a beautiful Week my friends!

Rose, xx

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