mercredi 4 janvier 2017

2017 New projects ...and KAL

Hi Dear Friends!

I hope you had a great time with your family and friends and now that you are going to begin this year with a good start!

For my part, Kids are still in holidays.
So you can imagine how a mom is busy as she can be with kids at home!
But between snow storms and games with my kids, I took the time to plan my beginning of the year and also to make new things !

First of all I have to talk about great things happening!
I am part of 2 KAL hosted by the same girl. Emily who is very nice!
She has a podcast on Youtube Here
and she also has a Ravelry group Here

She created 2 threads for 2 different KAL :
One for " Two Halves make a Whole" where you can knit socks , mittens legwarmers..everything that is a pair!
The other one is "New year, new techniques" where you show your knits with new technics 

And I am very happy in it because I wanted to knit more socks and may be creat a mittens pattern.
But I also wanted to learn new techniques: Brioche seams to be a challenge and for socks, I want to learn the fish lips kiss heel and how to knit toe up and why not 2 socks at a time on the same needle!

Well, it is lot of things but I have a year to make it happens!

I was so excited by these new things, it was a great opportunity to create new things too!

 I must say that it is a long time I wanted to dye my own wool...I an so in love with that yarn you can see in great shops and all hand dyed!
So I said to myself I had to try it!
And it 's done!!!!

That is really a Job!

But so wonderful when you see the results!
So here are 2 skeins I dyed last week:

"Tropical Cocktail" 
with yellow and turquoise, white and green...
and Stellinas! 
This is a soft wool...

"Blue Grass" 

it is a Merino and silk wool...
With blue, gray, a little bit of green and black.
Perect for socks or a shawl.

These skeins are available in my Etsy shop and I had a set of stitches Markers...

Yes...some new things are entering in my shop.

I thought that as a knitter there are things I like to use for myself such as stitches markers ( I am really in love with those like mine in the picture!) I was mad with those you can find in plastic and that go away when you knit!!
I wanted some that stay and keep your progress whatever you do with your knit!
And that's it!!
I made these by myself so I hope you will love them😍

And that is not the only things I put in my Etsy shop!
You can find new project bags with little goodies...such as Mini skeins or stitches markers pocket!

If you want to join for the KALs Go on Ravelry and we can chat there ( I try to have  look at it every day!)


I am happy to blog for another year and welcome you if you are new here!

Rose, xx


2 commentaires:

  1. Bonne année à toi aussi!
    Tes laines sont sublimes, les couleurs sont superbes.
    J'ai hâte de voir tes KAL!
    Gros becs.

  2. I am a merino wool fan, though I only knew how to crochet and had some issues with the finer yarn. Now that I am beginning to learn to knit, I can use this beautiful kind. This soft variegated colors would make a perfect baby hat with grandbaby 9 on the way. I will have to stop by your etsy store.


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