mercredi 30 novembre 2016

My November Socks???

So this is the last day of the Month and it is the last day of my November socks!
I choose the Hermione's everyday socks pattern found on Ravelry.
What can I say????
I am late in my challenge! I know!!!
The pattern is easy...really.
I choose a great wool Kroy socks from Patons "Granite Jacquard". 
May be this colour which is not so encouraging to knit it when the sky is grey, when it is rainy or whatever the bad weather! 
May be this is the kind of colour to knit in Summer to be prepared for fall. 
I don't know, but anyway, I will finish my second sock!
I have to say that this is a project that I knit when I wait for my kids when they quit for school....
I will see how many socks I can knit just waiting for kids in front of the school for 1 year!!!
That is a nice time.
So my socks!!!!
I love them, but I not so crazy about the pattern, I heard about podcasts knitters who were in love with that pattern, So I told to myself I had to knit it!
But I am not so fan.
Well, I found a cardigan to put with my socks, and I had a scarf to wear with too!

I like the details in that socks, the heel is great, I really enjoyed to knit it.

And what about to knit with 2 circular needles!
This is simplier than 4 double pointed needles I think.
But as you can see on the pics, I began a new pair of socks, and I bought circular needles 20 cm , 2.5mm to try it....
And really it is better and better!!!!!!
I bought me a ball of ZIG ZAG 4ply from KING COLE  colour: Magic, 
These will be my December socks!
More colours, more Vitamins fro my eyes!

I am looking for the pattern at the end As it seems to have stripes !

Will see !!

And what about you!!!
How do you make your yarn choice???
With lot of colours or do you follow seasons, or do you have to fall in love with yarn!!!
Tell me!


Rose, xx

mardi 29 novembre 2016

Under the Snow

After a great morning under the snow, there is ice today!

So beautiful but not so funny when you have to drive your kids to school!

Well...this is a good day for hat...knitted hat and wool of course!

I recently made another Josie's hat for a friend who has a nephew under 2 years old and when she came at home, she felt in love with that pattern i made for a special little model in the USA, and she asked me to knit that hat again!

So I order some extra wool from Drops...Lima in grey and off white and I knitted again the Josie's hat!

I love to do cables, I think it adds a great touch...classic and chic as well!

This great hat is gone yesterday and shipped to my friend!
Love that mix of grey and white 💓

But today it is also grey in the sky so I needed to knit something coloured!

And I bought myself a beautiful skein of Malabrigo Arroyo and I have a special idea to knit it!
But I choose this colour Volcan to warm my days...

I am so excited to show you the final results!!! but you have to wait dears...It is a big piece of knitting and I have to be patient et you too!
I am making a shawl.....Yeah!!!
But I want it to be great so I just show you a little part of it!!

That is a great thing to do today...drinking a tea, reading some Canadian magazines and knitting this beautiful beautiful wool!

I have a new Camera too!!! 
So I will show you more pics now...
That was the time to change my camera as it was to bad to take pictures ...always dark and not quality in it.
So I am playing with my new toy and I am so happy to show and keep photos with it.
I was taking pics with my phone which is not so bad but I really love to use my new camera now..
What a difference!

 Here is the wood just near my house...on the left side of my house, and as you can see it is snowy and icy there!! but so beautiful.

Have a great day friends!

Rose, xx


lundi 28 novembre 2016

The November sock challenge..... to me!!!

Just a little step here today to say the Sock of the month challenge in my blog is ending wednesday! 
I will show you pics ( I am afraid not to be on time!!! I am so busy busy here!) 
but anyway....
If you want to show yours just send me an email in the contact form...

Have a good day!

Rose, xx😊🌸🌸

lundi 21 novembre 2016

A Winter week!

This is a beautiful week beginning!

This morning we had a little snow everywhere and this is amazing how white gives vitamns to my mind!!!

But this is also a perfect week to show you the Cardigan I made for my little Cheyenne!

The pattern is From Ravelry...not so expensive when you consider that you can knit it in so much sizes!
And the construction is so simple, so nice to do and also so fast!!!
Well... This Posy 8ply is just great !!

So this is baby llama blue from Peru.

And now I am considering to knit it with maybe a malabrigo wool...
But before, I am knitting the one to my niece size 3 years with a baby sport wool from Bernat, acrylic is just great for little kids!

And finally, I am happy I made it for this kind of week!

Wish you a great week friends!


Rose, xx

mercredi 16 novembre 2016

Hermione everyday socks ...update!

Hi socks addicts!!!!

This is one my socks Hermione!

So I am on time!!! 

And now I don't have the choice to knit the other one!!!

Rose, xx

vendredi 11 novembre 2016

Dolls Garland!

The Mouse and the Cats!

This is the new pattern for a Dolls Garland!

I was asking me what to do with Wool remains! 

I wanted something easy and fast to knit!
I wanted something for home!
And for Kids!

So I imagined this garland with knitted dolls.

A little bit of wool....a little bit of cotton....some accessories!!!
And you have a funny knitted dolls garland!

I made the first theme with a Mouse and 3 cats!

You can just keep it as a garland but you also can play with the dolls!
Play with with with accessories!

You can find the pattern here:


Have Fun!!!
Rose, xx

mardi 8 novembre 2016

Fabric project bag!

You know how much I love Project bags!!!

That is a great way to bring your knits every protect them...
But what I love the most is fabrics....
You can have fun with fabrics...

So I made a new step in my sewing adventure!
I am not a big sewer, but I love th idea to build something from just a piece of fabric.
And you can build it with the colour and patterns of your choice.

So I bought some fabrics and accessories ( like zip, coin purse things, etc) and I decided to make project bag.

Oh I love that fabric!
It is a soft cotton and I had 2 patterns so I made a choice for the front of the bag and another fabric for the interior of the bag.

I do Love it!

i had enough fabric to make a pin cushion and a lavender bag too...
But also...I tried something different! 
I made a purse with that fabric...
I thought about my own project bag and when I bring my scissors with me in that bag and when it is with my knits!!!
I am so afraid about a little problem that could happen!!!
You know what I mean right??????
OH !! and what about the stitches markers disappeared in the bag????

Well, I decided to make a fabric purse to keep all my little accessories safe!
And this is the Bonus of the project bag set!

That was a mess to sew it, but I did it!!!

And I am very satisfied!

And I think it is a great Project bag set...No????

And you can find it on my Etsy Shop!!!!

It is the first set I made for my etsy shop...but there will be others soon!

Vous savez à quel point je suis tombée en amour avec les sacs à projets...surtout pour ranger les tricots, les balader avec moi et les protéger aussi!

C'est aussi parce que j'aime les tissus, les dessins, les motifs, les couleurs...un peu tout ça...

Du coup, j'ai acheté quelques coupons de tissus et quelques accessoires ( des fermetures éclairs, des ouvertures de porte monnaie, etc...)

Et j'ai cousu mon premier set de sac à projet (Disponible dans ma boutique ETSY)

Il y a le sac pour ranger le projet...un coussin pour les aiguilles...un coussin de un petit bonus: un porte-monnaie en tissus pour ranger les ciseaux, les marqueurs et toutes ces petites choses qui se baladent au fond du sac et qui risquent de se prendre dans le tricot!!! surtout les ciseaux qui peuvent trouer le sac ou le tricot!

Bref, c'est pas si évident mais j'ai réussi à la coudre et Voilà pour le bonus pratique !!

C'est le premier set complet que je met en vente mais il y en a d'autres à venir!

Be creative!
Rose, xx

vendredi 4 novembre 2016

Josie's Winter Land ....Hat pattern.

I propose you a new pattern today!!!

This is the " Josie's Winter Land" hat knitting pattern.

I had a nice inspiration to knit it.... a cute little girl who is model! 
And i wanted to make it special!

So you can see the hat has different sides!

Cables !!!
I am still in live with Cables!

So The pattern is full cables, and pattern is written row by row!
Every steps are explained...

And This pattern is available in 2 sizes: 2 months and 2 years.

You can find it on my Etsy shop: Dream Little doll
on makerist: 
on Loveknitting too!

It is an English version only ( I will offer the french version later!)
it is knitted with circular needles ...seamless!!
And you can add a big pompon on top!
And play with colours!


Rose, xx