lundi 21 novembre 2016

A Winter week!

This is a beautiful week beginning!

This morning we had a little snow everywhere and this is amazing how white gives vitamns to my mind!!!

But this is also a perfect week to show you the Cardigan I made for my little Cheyenne!

The pattern is From Ravelry...not so expensive when you consider that you can knit it in so much sizes!
And the construction is so simple, so nice to do and also so fast!!!
Well... This Posy 8ply is just great !!

So this is baby llama blue from Peru.

And now I am considering to knit it with maybe a malabrigo wool...
But before, I am knitting the one to my niece size 3 years with a baby sport wool from Bernat, acrylic is just great for little kids!

And finally, I am happy I made it for this kind of week!

Wish you a great week friends!


Rose, xx

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