mardi 29 novembre 2016

Under the Snow

After a great morning under the snow, there is ice today!

So beautiful but not so funny when you have to drive your kids to school!

Well...this is a good day for hat...knitted hat and wool of course!

I recently made another Josie's hat for a friend who has a nephew under 2 years old and when she came at home, she felt in love with that pattern i made for a special little model in the USA, and she asked me to knit that hat again!

So I order some extra wool from Drops...Lima in grey and off white and I knitted again the Josie's hat!

I love to do cables, I think it adds a great touch...classic and chic as well!

This great hat is gone yesterday and shipped to my friend!
Love that mix of grey and white 💓

But today it is also grey in the sky so I needed to knit something coloured!

And I bought myself a beautiful skein of Malabrigo Arroyo and I have a special idea to knit it!
But I choose this colour Volcan to warm my days...

I am so excited to show you the final results!!! but you have to wait dears...It is a big piece of knitting and I have to be patient et you too!
I am making a shawl.....Yeah!!!
But I want it to be great so I just show you a little part of it!!

That is a great thing to do today...drinking a tea, reading some Canadian magazines and knitting this beautiful beautiful wool!

I have a new Camera too!!! 
So I will show you more pics now...
That was the time to change my camera as it was to bad to take pictures ...always dark and not quality in it.
So I am playing with my new toy and I am so happy to show and keep photos with it.
I was taking pics with my phone which is not so bad but I really love to use my new camera now..
What a difference!

 Here is the wood just near my house...on the left side of my house, and as you can see it is snowy and icy there!! but so beautiful.

Have a great day friends!

Rose, xx


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