mercredi 30 novembre 2016

My November Socks???

So this is the last day of the Month and it is the last day of my November socks!
I choose the Hermione's everyday socks pattern found on Ravelry.
What can I say????
I am late in my challenge! I know!!!
The pattern is easy...really.
I choose a great wool Kroy socks from Patons "Granite Jacquard". 
May be this colour which is not so encouraging to knit it when the sky is grey, when it is rainy or whatever the bad weather! 
May be this is the kind of colour to knit in Summer to be prepared for fall. 
I don't know, but anyway, I will finish my second sock!
I have to say that this is a project that I knit when I wait for my kids when they quit for school....
I will see how many socks I can knit just waiting for kids in front of the school for 1 year!!!
That is a nice time.
So my socks!!!!
I love them, but I not so crazy about the pattern, I heard about podcasts knitters who were in love with that pattern, So I told to myself I had to knit it!
But I am not so fan.
Well, I found a cardigan to put with my socks, and I had a scarf to wear with too!

I like the details in that socks, the heel is great, I really enjoyed to knit it.

And what about to knit with 2 circular needles!
This is simplier than 4 double pointed needles I think.
But as you can see on the pics, I began a new pair of socks, and I bought circular needles 20 cm , 2.5mm to try it....
And really it is better and better!!!!!!
I bought me a ball of ZIG ZAG 4ply from KING COLE  colour: Magic, 
These will be my December socks!
More colours, more Vitamins fro my eyes!

I am looking for the pattern at the end As it seems to have stripes !

Will see !!

And what about you!!!
How do you make your yarn choice???
With lot of colours or do you follow seasons, or do you have to fall in love with yarn!!!
Tell me!


Rose, xx

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  1. Your sock yarn choice is quite attractive - the socks look great! I've never made ones myself, nor I will in the future. Except maybe,God's willing, when I become a grandma - then I will certainly make socks for the babies :)


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