mercredi 18 janvier 2017

Cozy Tartan Blanket vs kid socks!

So Today, I want to invite you to a little room corner room!

This is my son bedroom!

I think that to decorate a little boy bedroom is not an easy thing!

Some people think different, but to me, it is not Easy!
If the boy is growing, not a child but not a big kid, you have to chose a decoration that will grow with the kid!

I didn't want something Dragons, something death ( skulls are fashion...but I do not like it) something war etc...
I wanted something classic but with "colors of life " as my son could say!

Well, I choose a tartan curtain, and that's why I am knitting a tartan blanket.

As every blanket, It seams it doesn't grow fast, but it is more a winter project!

The one you knit when it is dark, cold outside, watching a movie and drinking a tea!
And the one you do not have other knitted projects to finish before!!

Really if you didn't try this pattern, you Must Try it!!
it is Easy, all possibilities!

Have a look to all the beautiful projects made with the pattern Cozy Memory blanket on Ravelry.

But it is not the only knit I made!

I wanted to show you the socks for the KAL that I knit for on Ravelry.
I made this socks for my son too!
And here is the FO.

Love that stripes really!!! 

And the time the socks are washed with a special wool soap, and blocked, it is perfect!

I was surprised but my son enjoyed it so much, he wanted to wear it asap!
So AS for kids it is faster to knit than for adults, I think I will knit more socks for my kids!!

I am looking forward to show you more about the tartan blanket soon!!

Have a good day!

Rose, xx

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