jeudi 15 décembre 2016

Julep Palettes ...Flights of Fancy

You know That I am a Huge Fan of Julep!!

And I always use their products...every day!!!

And when I saw these BEAUTIFUL palettes...I couldn't miss them!
I mean, I couldn't live without ...just because they are beautiful!!!!
(I can live without!! but you know when you are addited to Palettes 💗)

I was first impressed by the design!! 
I think it is the most gorgeous pattern I saw on Palettes.
Love those birds, the colours...the flowers...

Well What about the Palettes!!!

It is a Eye and Cheek Palette / Duo set.

So it is that big theses 2 pocket - boxes....
to these 2 Palettes.

One is named Equinox, this is the golden one!!
The other is named Solstice...the blue one!
I really really like when a brand gives names to their colours..shadows, blush....
It gives more interest on the thing to try it!

You can see swatches on Julep Web site HERE

But Really...I think they have a better quality with theses palettes..I already had palette from Julep and I love it...but these 2...Oh I really really am in love with them!
Try it...
And there is a Special Price on it!!!!

See the detail name under pics..

From left to right,and from top:  Gossamer, sable 
                                                        Dewdrop, starflower
                                          Briar, Fawn
Cheeks powders: Rose garden

Pearl, Woodland
Thistle, Cinder,
Midnight, Nightingale

Cheeks powder: Gilded,

Rose, xx

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